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Winter in Upstate New York

In 1975-76 I experienced the rigors of spending my first American winter in Rochester, NY,
and that moved me to pen the following poem:

Dead of winter upstate –
And skeletal trees stand
Stark upon the penitent land
Scaped by human hand
With a criss-cross of ways –
Park-, Express-, Thru-, Free-.

An unseasonable thaw –
And scurrying sidewalkers thresh
The melting sleet and slush
Into a goulash of chill, wet mush
That numbs the toes
And soils the Missus’ maxis
And the Master’s leggings
And boosts the dry-cleaning industry.

Another cold snap –
And scary, glassy skid-tracks trap
The unwary road-rider
Into a dizzying one-hundred-and-eighty-degree spin
That leaves their quarry senseless in
A steel-fashioned Juggernaut
Destined to become a rusting heap
In an anonymous used-car lot.

Copyright © Azim Lewis Mayadas 2014

When Consecutive Fifths are a Blessing

What is taboo, a “no-no”, when composing, namely “consecutive fifths”, is no deterrent to a creative programmer of classical music. Just consider one of the Thursday series concerts featuring the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra at bergenPAC in Englewood.

NJSO Conductor JACQUE LACOMBE has juxtaposed two of the most famous – and well-loved – compositions by Beethoven: His Fifth Piano Concerto in E-flat major (known as the “Emperor”) and his Fifth Symphony in C minor.

Each is a masterwork and written when the composer was well aware of his giant powers. “With who,” he inquired, “need I be afraid of measuring my strength?”

The icing on the cake is Canadian-born Bostonian MARC-ANDRÉ HAMELIN – the combination of fellow-Canadian Maestro Lacombe and a world-class pianist make for an unforgettable evening come Thursday, June the 4th. Don’t miss it!

Copyright © Azim Lewis Mayadas 2014

NJSO Thursday Series at BergenPAC, Englewood

How many of us who are music lovers in Bergen County and beyond tend to go to classical music concerts across the Hudson, when closer to hand are such events as the Thursday series featuring world-class soloists with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. Why not check out the BergenPAC in Englewood and you wont be disappointed. Just this week on the 22nd at 7:30 pm Sarah Chang will be on stage performing Bernstein’s West Side Story in an arrangement for violin and orchestra.