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Aquarian Anniversaries – January the Thirtieth

I’ve always been fascinated by genealogy and numerology, particularly when they intersect in an unusual way to create a new reality – or, mayhap, illusion?

(b. January 30, 1888 – d. 1950)

TODAY IS MY FATHER’S 130TH BIRTH ANNIVERSARY, and I’ve therefore published today for members of my family, here and abroad, a biography of his distinguished public life and stellar career in India.

The book was written for me and my twin sister by our brother, Lt. Gen. Misbah Lewis Mayadas, and bequeathed to me prior to his passing away in Dehra Dun, Uttarkhand, for transcribing his finely cursive manuscript dating back to 2002 – during his post-retirement time spent farming in McCluskieganj, Bihar – into prosaic print for today’s discerning reader.

At the same time, I’m drawn to the fact that my favorite among American presidents is Franklin Roosevelt , who was born on January 30, 1882 – an Aquarian like my father.

(b. January 30, 1882 – d. 1945)

Not surprisingly, I was attracted to Jon Meacham’s 2003 book Franklin and Winston as a means of gaining an insight into the great American’s background and thinking during the course of his epic friendship with that symbol of the British people during World War II, Winston Churchill. As a young man I had enjoyed the no mean task of reading the six volumes of WSC’s The Second World War that still reside in my living-room library, transplanted whole along with other gems of English literature from my homes in Calcutta to Englewood, New Jersey, via Rochester, New York, and Miami, Florida.

In any case, I have no way of and no aptitude for emulating Meacham’s powerful portrayal of his famous characters, but that does not mean that I cannot attempt to draw a certain symbiotic relevance between the two Aquarians, who are the subject of this blog.

Without being pedantic, the common traits seemed to have been that each was to a lesser or greater extent –

  • An original, independent, human being
  • Always fun to be with; forever involved in helping others and fighting for causes; an intellectual conversationalist, and a good listener
  • A deep thinker; someone who loved to help others, was able to see both sides of an issue, and could easily solve problems
  • Because of the desire for freedom and equality for all, someone who tried hard to ensure freedom of speech
  • And without being flip, someone who was fond of a good cigar in the company of good friends and a stimulating drink!

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