En Route to Boston

At long last, Lolita and I are pleased to announce to our friends and relatives that our long-term plans  to spend our retirement years in Boston, MA, will gradually come to fruition next spring, as our middle daughter and her family, the Nortons, prepare to welcome us after our over three decades of residing in Englewood, NJ.

Indeed, Tanya and Charles have been working diligently against all odds including Covid 19-caused delays in construction to ensure the creature comfort of their octogenarian parents/in-laws.  Below is a photo Tanya has sent us today showing the majestic frontage of our  refurbished residence:

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One thought on “En Route to Boston

  1. Lolita and I are now seasoned residents of our Jamaica Plain residence in Boston. The neighbors are a friendly bunch, and we’ve made a number of sorties to surrounding towns with Charles and Tania squiring us around the picturesque countryside. Our eldest daughter Ayesha has been a regular visitor from Englewood, NJ, since her new country house is accessible via J.P., and I personally have spent a weekend there, savoring the fresh air and scenic surroundings. Much more after Lolita has accompanied me there.

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