An Interlingual Construct

[With weeks of undergoing pain management over the past three months both at home in Englewood, New Jersey and in New York City, I was virtually housebound most days.

I, therefore, spent some quality time resurrecting and updating in the New Year a seminal booklet I wrote in Calcutta in 1974 – and published in 1975 – devoted to the development of what I termed an “interlingual construct.”]

The opening page (shown above) is of the Paper that I delivered at the Asiatic Society in Calcutta on March 21, 1974 before a distinguished gathering of dignitaries from foreign consulates, including West Germany and the UK, and professors from local institutions of higher learning such as Calcutta University.

The 40-page booklet (cover picture alongside) that I prepared later on for distribution will be available online.  Of importance are six appendices that include a basic vocabulary of just 630 words comprising of the following elements:

Operations_____________________75 words
Things (1)_____________________310 words
Things (2)_____________________130 words
Qualities______________________100 words
Numerals______________________15 words

More immediately available for the linguistic aficionado among my regular blog readers are a couple of pages drawn from the Appendices  V and VI illustrating Cosmal in Action. Here they are:

I have the hubris to think that the untranslated Appendix VI will not pose too much of a problem in figuring the sentences out by yourself. However, you might wish to respond in the comments section below, if  you’d like to give it a shot at your leisure, using perhaps the translated Appendix V as a hint of the equivalent English words. Best of luck!

References: My Diary & Multilingual Wordbook (1965-74)

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