Autumnal Equinox Redux

Jamaica Pond, Jamaica Plains
Boston, Massachusetts

FALL IS HERE, Op. 12 – so goes my song below written on an early autumn day in the Northeast back in 1980 on a familial visit to Boston:

Fall is Here

Summer’s past:
No word yet
Of you dear,
Since the time
We last met.

Nature’s turning to autumn hues,
Soon all her trees will be bare:
Oh! Darling, lest you lose
Your golden years for e’er…..

Come and stay!
No more right,
No more wrong:
Till the day
Turns to night,
Wingèd song!

Opening Page of Fall is Here: 

Then, in our own backyard,  here’s another glimpse of the glowing colors of my favorite season, but taken on the nearby grounds of the Southeast Senior Center for Independent Living (SESCIL) in Englewood, New Jersey in October 2010:References: My Diary; My Photo Album

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