Dearly Departed – Friends & Family

Roy Sen (d. November 24, 2009)                                     Amarjit Chhachhi (d. January 13, 2011)
[Toasting my 70th Birthday]                                           [Taken on his Golden Wedding Anniversary]

[As I look back on the year just ended, I am struck this day, January 5, 2018, by the number of dear friends and family members who have departed this world. It struck home to me when I sat down on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve to e-mail Happy Tidings to my updated list of addressees, only to find that it had been foreshortened alarmingly by condolence messages and obituaries publicized in the press and social media over the last few years.]

True Friends: Let me state at the outset that my selection below serves to memorialize briefly two of my close friends and is not all-inclusive, but with emphasis on those I counted as childhood or early adulthood pals, who remained true and faithful over many decades and across continents and sub-continents – from Australia through Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Roy and I first met as classmates in an Irish Christian Brothers’ school in New Delhi, India. Later, as adults working fortuitously at the same mercantile firm in Calcutta, West Bengal, our early childhood friendship was renewed. Then, Roy with his wife, Philomena, and kids emigrated to Australia, where he was hired as an engineer in a company with wide international connections. He rose to head their exports and on sales trips to America, he made contact with me in Rochester, NY, where I had moved to take up my new job as the Assistant General Manager of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. In return, my wife Lolita and I flew to Australia for an unforgettable summer holiday one year and stayed with the Sens in Adelaide. Roy, in turn, flew to New York to celebrate the anniversary of my 70th birthday celebration on May 9, 2003 that was hosted by my youngest daughter Priya and son-in-law Dr. David Sable in their capacious Riverside apartment.

Amarjit – whom I nicknamed “Icchchha” – was based in Calcutta and I got to know him very well during our respective careers. When I married Lolita and he wed Rani our friendship was strengthened. The Chhachhi’s children moved to Fort Lee in New Jersey fairly recently and that was close enough for us to see them as well as their parents when they made their occasional visits to the States. By the same token, when we holidayed in India almost every two years, we’d make sure to see – and sometimes stay with – the Chhachhis in their New Delhi apartment.

Kith & Kin: There follow members of my own kith and kin, to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude for being of moral support to me and my family throughout many decades in spite of huge geographical distances made less so in the recent past by modern means of almost instant communication.








Tehrim (“Gypsie”) Dass (d. June 25, 2014)    Misbah Mayadas (d. May 16. 2016)

What follows are reminiscences of my twin sister Gypsie penned by Sudhir Kumar Pawha, a correspondent of the Hindustan Times (Lucknow) – a year after her death.  It encapsulates so well and feelingly her life and times: A Life Well Lived

I posted a blog in memory of my elder brother Misbah in May 2016, and you may access it, if you so desire, right here: An Old Soldier Fades Away.

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