Elephantine Phantasy

[It was a beautiful blue sky above, but windy below, when our family from Boston and New Jersey sought out the African Safari in Western Ontario. Apart from witnessing many species of exotic birds and animals in the wild, we indulged in sighting the most magnificent of them, elephants, not quite close and personal, but near enough to appreciate their all-abiding presence among lesser members of the animal kingdom.]

“Safari” Lake – wherein Herds of Elephants enjoy frolicking

What follows is a video I took on my MiniPad during a day trip from Toronto, where we were staying for a well-earned summer holiday with family members and meeting up with old friends from our Calcutta days in their Mississauga home of many years.

African Safari Elephants Entering Lake (turn to full screen when viewing)

Elephants Enjoying Frolicking in the Lake (turn to full screen when viewing)

On our return to Toronto and before catching our flight home to the USA, we took in the fascinating Aquarium, where I snapped these colorful pictures of a variety of aquaflora, seemingly from a different planet:

Also, I couldn’t resist taking a brief video of the colorful exotic fish flitting about in a huge brightly lit tank that made for easy viewing of the vivid display:

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