Fantasy Fervor

THE MONTH OF MAY BRINGS TO MY MIND TWO DATES – THE 5TH AND THE 7TH – THAT ARE CONNECTED TO ONE ILLUSTRIOUS COMPOSER. He made his debut in New York on May 5, 1891 in conjunction with the opening of Carnegie Hall; and he was born on May 7, 1840 in Vorkinsk, Russia.

His first master-work was the orchestral Romeo and Juliet, introduced at Moscow in 1870. You may listen to it right here performed by the Philharmonia Orchestra so you can make a good guess as to who its creator is:

The fantasy-overture opens with a hymn for woodwinds. A storm erupts in the orchestra to suggest the feud between the houses of Capulet and Montague. After this comes Romeo’s glowing and radiant love music in English horn and muted violins, accompanied by plucked strings and syncopated horns. Juliet responds just as ardently, with an exquisite melody for muted, divided strings. This romantic mood is soon shattered by the return of the turbulent music of the family feud . As the music gains in agitation, the wondrous love music arises in the woodwinds, then erupts eloquently in the full orchestra. The timpani, and a sudden silence, suggest dire foreboding. The imminent tragedy of the lovers is signalized by a violent eruption in the orchestra. A tender elegy is hymned for them. The overture ends with a fast ominous roll of the timpani.

Afterword: Now, you can go ahead and guess the Composer’s Name!

Reference: Encyclopedia of Concert Music by David Ewen

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