Fond Memories of Friends and Family in 2018

THUS IT COMES TO PASS that at year end I unhappily mourn the death of stalwart friends and family members around the world, and 2018 is no exception.

David (Lall) Adams is seen alongside with our favorite cousin, Zarina Lewis, savoring St. James Park in London during the summer of 1957.  David became a fast friend of mine in the early 1950’s in Calcutta, India, when we were both company executives there – he as a tea broker and tea taster in Carrit Moran and I in Bird and Company as an executive at one of its Engineering Department’s agencies, Assam Sawmills, a manufacturer of plywood tea chests for exporting premium quality Darjeeling and Assam teas to Europe and the USA.

For a while, David and I shared a “chummery” in the parsonage of St. John’s Church near Calcutta’s business city center of Dalhousie Square, so on weekdays  it was easy for us to saunter on foot to our respective offices. I later took over as Head of Bird’s Coal Department.

Eventually, David emigrated to Canada and I to the USA. In the New World we kept in touch via various media ending with ubiquitous e-mail exchanges. It, therefore, came as a distinct shock to me, when a month ago end-November I learnt from another cousin in Canada, Anne Colton, that David had died after being diagnosed with stomach cancer.

Earlier in March 2018 my family and I holidayed in Toronto and met up with another old friend, Purshattam (“Puru”) Dayal, who also back in the 1950’s worked in Calcutta. He rose to be the head of Imperial Tobacco’s Research Department. He and his wife, Vanita (“Winnie”) developed an abiding friendship with our family over many years. Later, they emigrated with their family to Canada settling down in Mississauga, Ontario. 

Not much later, my family and I emigrated to the USA and settled down in Rochester, in Upstate New York.  Then, in March this year we spent a week in neighboring Ontario, starting with Toronto followed by Mississauga with a joyful meeting at the Dayal’s home. Little did I realize that that would be the last time I’d see Puru in the land of the living as earlier this month he lost his life to COPD.

In Memory of Other Late Friends and Family Members (2011-17)

Amarjit Chhacchi              January 2011
Tehrim Dass                        June 2014
Amrita Hutheesing          April 2015
Bella Gilani                         June 2015
Jaswant Mayadas           October 2015
Misbah Mayadas              May 2017
Shanti Varma                    August 2017
Ajit Hutheesing                 December 2017

References: My Diary

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