Fond Memories of Moghul Forebear

Zenobia (née Akmal) Lewis

Today’s Mother Day is no different for me than all the preceding ones over the years as I carry fond memories of a most remarkable lady, who not only nurtured my musical talents but never lost sight of supporting to the utmost my twin sister and older brother in what made them outstanding in their respective fields of accomplishment.

My mother was known for her role as the wife of a senior government officer in the Government of India: whenever the British Commissioner of Delhi was on home leave, my father took over the reins of governing the Capital in an acting capacity; she in turn was particularly outstanding in hosting parties for prominent visitors from abroad and on special occasions celebrating national holidays. She was often referred to as the Moghul Princess, a term that caught on in high society enamored by her beauty and bonhomie.

References: My Diary & Photo Album

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