Niagara Falls, Nature’s Phenoms

[In the last century, I’d already witnessed one of the world’s natural phenomena from the American side. But I was unprepared earlier this month to stand in awe at the grandeur of the Niagara Falls as a spectator from a Canadian vantage point. Since mere words would not suffice to describe my feelings of raw emotion, I’ll let my string of amateur videos convey to a small extent the physical magnificence of this force of Nature, starting off above with a brief insider’s look behind the phenomenon.]

We, as parents, owe a great debt of gratitude to our daughter, Tanya of Boston, who singlehandedly arranged in minute detail our complex journey by land, sea and air (or so it seemed!) from New Jersey to Niagara Falls and back via sundry wondrous stops along the way. We took off on July the 5th from Newark, NJ, aboard Porter, a Canadian airline unbeknownst to us – the same goes for its Bombardier plane! But the cabin crew was solicitous and the outward trip barely 1 1/4 hours long, so we arrived in pretty good shape at the airport serving Toronto for the adventure that lay ahead of us.

After being taken to midtown from the airport, we picked up a nicely appointed Toyota Siena, which was to be our transport throughout and driven ably by our son-in-law Chuck, who kept up a comfortable steady pace as we toured the inviting countryside surrounding the city day after day.

The actual visit to the Falls on July the 6th will forever be etched in my memory and is best portrayed in the series of videos I took in and around that brute but beautiful force of Nature – Niagara! First, nearing the Falls:

Then, seeing them from eye level in all their majesty:

And finally, the video below captures the doughty Horn Blower plowing through the turbulent waters below the Falls for the benefit of the sightseers on its deck who wanted to experience an ‘up close and personal’ encounter with Niagara.

For me personally, I could not have managed physically to cover the various sorties without the help of my granddaughters, Zarina and Aliya, who took it upon themselves to see I got safely from A to B over tough and uneven terrain in and out of the mountainside.

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