Summer of Sun, Fun – and Frolic!

[Six years ago in the month of August I was trying out my recently acquired Olympus Digital Camera while on vacation starting with my home turf in Englewood, New Jersey, before visiting the Big Apple, then sallying north to Cold Springs and ending up in Western New York for a picnicking holiday along with family and friends. I’m sorry to say that the early precursor of the Digi-Cam genre disappeared from my possession soon thereafter, but the replacements of similar ilk have not disappointed me in my amateur quest for building a small pictorial library of memorable holidays in and outside these United States.]

Nature’s Cathedral-like
Canopy in Englewood NJ

The Quietude of Central Park on
a Hot Summer’s Day in New York

View of the Hudson River
from Cold Spring Church






A “Watering Hole” in Western New York

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