Toronto Tour – Tour CN!

CN Tower – Tour CN
Once the tallest!

Scenes from atop the CN Tower of Toronto in all its splendor.
[Photos: Azim Mayadas]


Queuing up for tickets to take the upward trip to the sightseeing deck of the CN Tower


Starting with our arrival at Toronto’s regional  Billy Bishop Airport from Newark New Jersey on July the 5th until our return a week later we seemed to have traveled and seen tout le monde – literally and figuratively! Our Canadian friends and resident family members spared no effort in joining in with our tour plans and, indeed, crafting some of them to ensure that we made the most of our short stay.  Most of them I’ve recorded in individual posts over the past few days in order to cover some of the highlights of our unforgettable holiday in what makes our Northern Neighbor a must-see destination for those hellbent on a one-of-a-kind experience for holidaying – and partying! – as a family.

To be honest, the sortie to the LN Tower was less overwhelming to begin with due to the sheer amount of time and energy spent waiting in line midst masses of people eager to reach the top come what may. Understandably, the payoff was the panoramic breathtaking views below for those willing and patient enough to make the slog.

I’m beholden to my granddaughter Aliya for cheerfully steering my CN Tower freebie wheelchair up, down and along the seemingly endless miles of corridors that make up the innards of the astonishing edifice. Its abbreviation was eventually expanded to Canadian National Tower or Canada’s National Tower. Neither is commonly used.

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