Winter Poem

Video of the River from New Jersey
Frozen Hudson end-Feb 21014 004

 Ki no Tsurayuki
Japanese Poet

Ki  no Tsurayuki

 My English “Transcreation” of his Tanka Verse is reproduced below:

Spurred on by longing
For my love I cast around
All that winter’s night:

When up blew the river wind,
So cold that the plovers whined.

Note: “Metapoeia” or “transcreation” is the concept I define as “A creative turning of verse from one language to another, where the style and/or form may be rendered afresh to conform to the dictates of voice  and movement.” In Tanka Verse, for example, I have retained the 5-7-5 7-7 syllabic form.

Copyright © Azim Lewis Mayadas 2015

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