Remembering Gandhi’s Anniversary in Song and Verse


Mahatma Gandhi (“Bapuji”)
– Father of the Nation –
b. October 2, 1869 – d. January 30, 1948
[Sketch by 13-year old Atul Tandon in 1994]

The song below was composed by me to
the commemorative verse “Peace”
written in 1994 by my late mother
Zenobia Lewis Mayadas

By clicking on the hotlink below, you will be able to follow the words along with the music.

Gandhi Birthday

Andante con moto
Peace and harmony
So good for ones soul.
Love and Unity
These should be our goal.
Gandhiji taught us,
non-violence will win
Destruction and wars
in God’s sight a sin.
He won our freedom
Without sword or strife,
So spread his message
For a peaceful, fruitful life.
See social justice,
Reaches the oppress’d
Tolerance, mercy
Towards the depress’d
God’s gift of Nature,
Brings peace to mankind,
It heals his sorrows,
It soothes his mind.
Spend golden moments
In meditation
And social service
To serve the nation.
A tempo
Unity is strength,
The need of the hour –
Our massive nation
Needs this for its power.
Seek cultural values
With justice and truth
For human rights strive
It’s bound to bear fruit.
Friendship with nations
a trial is well worth
Most of us desire
goodwill, peace on earth.
A tempo
Peace with dignity
is everybody’s dream
Peace and Unity –
these must reign supreme.


 Copyright © 2015 Azim Lewis Mayadas

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