Paris Threnody


Paris Threnody is an elegiac piece in A minor that I composed in the wake of the awful massacre last Friday, November the 13th, of 130 Parisian citizens by murderers of French and Belgian background belonging to the self-proclaimed terrorist Islamic State.

As a college student in London in the 1950’s I invariably took in the City of Light (photo of 1951 above) during my many summer holidays spent hitchhiking in Europe, usually accompanied by my best friend, Gerard, of Lyons. He taught me how to savor the best that a French restaurant had to offer, as his mother was a Cordon Bleu when it came to the cuisine of that fair land. We also visited Brussels in Belgium and the French Riviera and parts in between to partake of the various excellent wines that the region had to offer.

En route to settling in the USA two decades later my family spent a few days in Paris, so that my wife could convey to our three girls what France had done in contributing its language and culture to so many parts of the world, including Pondicherry in our native India.

In some small way, I offer the above audio of Paris Threnody as an effusion of my grief in a positive, if not joyous vein, because that’s how the melancholic chords end quietly – in a tierce de picardie from A minor to A major.

Eiffel Tower

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