Whiling Away a White January Day

January BlizzardView of Palisade Avenue
on East Hill, Englewood ->

Unbelievable what one can accomplish when overtaken by a force of nature – a blizzard of near epic proportions in the Northeast on our 56th Wedding Anniversary this 23rd of January, 2016!

Hunkering down wouldn’t cut the mustard for Lolita and m’ self: Instead we listened to a favorite CD of ours by wallowing in the artistry of The Cambridge Singers with the City of London Sinfonia under the direction of the famous John Rutter regaling us with the beauty and etherealness of eternally enduring hymnal songs such as What Sweeter Music – in and, albeit,  beyond the usual traditional holiday seasonal fare in the Christian church.

January Blizzard2We looked out the drawing-room window sitting together on a piano bench and witnessed the gradual whitening of the landscape as it became increasingly flattened into an amorphous contour-less wintry scene devoid of human presence or community activity.  But the background of the captivating choral music rooted us firmly in the here and now.

Not for long, however, as our neighboring houses disappeared into the increasing gloom and darkness of approaching nightfall.

John to Jean – That reminded me of the Nordic climes and scenery I’d experienced decades ago and a change was called for in our ambient music from John Rutter’s Christmas Album to that of Jean Sibelius – from choral to orchestral! What a difference that makes to ones psyche!! The haunting cor anglais in The Swan of Tuonela followed by the captivating Karelia Suite performed by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Sir Malcolm Sargent set the stage in our home for a long and peaceful night.

Copyright © 2016 Azim Lewis Mayadas

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