Echoics 1981-82

Image result for echo symbol35 years ago, I started a collection of what were essentially “echoics.”  It began with, as I recollect, a (minor) collision on a wintry highway between Rochester and Buffalo, NY.Image result for echo symbolThat was the first time I had heard the prosaic-cum-Pinteresque term “fender bender” used, and to my mind it somehow epitomized what had happened in a nutshell. Other well-known echoic phrases in common  parlance are such “echoes of the past” as culture vulture, hither thither, legal eagle, mumbo jumbo, rumble tumble, and super duper – you get the general drift.

It wasn’t much later that I began jotting down more up-to-date echoics that I picked up here and there, including some that are purely my invention (marked by AM) – or so I fondly think! Below is a sampling for your delectation – or not!!

ADDRESSEE               Letter getter (AM)
ADOLESCENT           Baby may-be
A LA MODE                 Fashion passion
ANIMAL TRAINER    Creature teacher
ARSONIST                  Candle vandal
BABY’S BOTTLE       Nipple tipple
BAR HABITUE           Snifter lifter
BARTENDER              Mixer fixer
BELLHOP                   Ringer stringer
BIDDER                       Tender sender
BIRD SHOT                Partridge cartridge
BLEAT                          Butter stutter
BOAT RACE BET      Cutter flutter
BORE                           Huffer duffer
BOX OFFICE              Ticket wicket
BRIEFCASE                Folder holder
CATERWAUL             Kitty ditty
CLAXON/BEEPER   Scooter tooter
COP                             Hooker booker
COWBELL                  Cattle rattle
COWL                          Abbot habit
CREAM TART            Custard mustard
FINANCE                Budget fudge-it
CRUISE LINE            Tripper shipper
DEVELOPER              Acre breaker
DRINK                         Liver giver
DRINK FIXER            Jigger rigger
ECONOMIST             Saver raver (AM)
FALSE FRIEND          Phony crony
FALSEHOOD             Fiction diction (AM)
FAT CAT                      Flabby tabby
FETTERS                    Shackle tackle
FRENCH POODLE   Froggie doggie
FUR GLOVE               Kitten mitten
GALOSHES                Weather leather
GIDDY GOAT             Silly billy
HANKY                        Crier drier
HARD DRINKER      Wizard gizzard
HIGH-AND-LOW     Pimple dimple
HOT-AND-COLD     Iberia Siberia
HOLIDAY                    Leisure pleasure (AM)
HOT DOG                  Better setter (AM)
HOT SHOT                Dapper zapper (AM)
IRISH FATHER         Paddy daddy
IRONS                        Shackle tackle
JOLLITY                    Rafter laughter
JOLLY GERMAN     Merry Jerry
LAPDOG                    Clover rover
LIGHT SHAVE          Laser razor
LITTLE ANGEL        Cutie beauty
TOWN                     Padder gadder
NOVICE BAKER      Simon pieman
OBOIST                     Reedy needy
PARENTS                  Pater mater
PATRIOT                   Fervor server
PEDOMETER           Jogger logger
POINTER (DOG)     Marker barker
POLLEN                    Nectar sector
POTENT PANSY     Flower power
‘PRO’                         Randy candy
PROFESSIONAL    Handy dandy
SALES TALK            Bargain jargon
SEAMSTRESS         Nimble thimble
SPEEDOMETER     Racer pacer
STREAM/RILL        Sliver river
STROLL                   Amble ramble
TRAGEDIAN          Slayer player
WAILING WALL    Mourner corner
XMAS SALE           Winter-minter
YEARBOOK           Annual manual

Image result for echo symbolEXAMPLE OF ECHOICS IN ACTION
Taken from Azim’s annual manual of 1981-82 echoing a touching incident as told to him.     Image result for echo symbolThe other day my pater mater gave me some money so that during the 1981 season freeze-in I might buy a pair of kitten mitten. I went to the local Mall and tried not to be led astray by the bargain jargon of the shop floor assistants.

Indeed, I looked pimple dimple for something casual in a nearby winter-minter and ended up with a cheap though smart fashion passion cowled coat.

Back home, ever the cutie-beauty, I gave my Paddy daddy a Russian crush-in and gratefully kissed my Merry Jerry mother on both cheeks. Rafter laughter filled the air, but when I tried on the coat, the nimble thimble back in Taiwan had not been very adept and the abbot habit came apart at the seams, so that I flushed Iberia Siberia.

I let out a childish butter stutter and rushed out of the room to my favorite mourner corner, where dear old litter sitter brushed aside my baby may-be tears with a crier drier. My kitty ditty stopped when I was given a yummy custard mustard made not by  Simon pieman, but by a real handy dandy.

I was even happier, when Mom and Dad came into my room and gave me a surprise Xmas gift – a warm cuddly clover-rover, full of fun and ramble gambol.

Budget fudge-it is all very well, but you can’t become a padder gadder without breaking the shackle tackle of convention – and even then it’s the family that counts: its ties are the most dependable source of comfort and well-being.


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