Spring Break in Spring Lake

‘Twas a month before the Spring Equinox, yet the thought of visiting our favorite holiday haven on the New Jersey Shore – Spring Lake – was irresistible this past weekend when the Weather Channel forecast temperatures there in the 50’s (!)

We took off Saturday morn in our charabanc and headed for The Breakers on Ocean Drive in bright sunshine and after installing ourselves in a room overlooking the endless blue waters, we sauntered out on to the refurbished boardwalk across the Drive.

Stone CaptionThe sand on either side of the boardwalk was unspoilt except for one spot, which bore the imprint of what appeared to be an indeterminate barefoot and other depressions.

And lo! in one of those was embedded a gleaming oval stone. Seemingly dropped out of a clear cerulean sky, it lay there with the inscription in cursive script reading:

Our Father
Thy Kingdom Come
Thy Will Be Done


BoardwalkerThe backdrop from the boardwalk was too seductive to ignore and Lolita succumbed to my insistence on providing the foreground like any tourist abroad. Italian, no? Indian, yes!

Not to be outdone was the view of a surfer’s paradise. The waves rolled in incessantly, and there was quite a large contingent of sturdy surfers clad in wet suits. Each member was determined to show off his mastery of the derring-do skill to make the most of the incoming waves.

We moved on to permit me to take a vivid video of the ceaseless sea in all its magnificence. Here goes – and I do hope my amateur effort will not detract from its awesome majesty!

Spring Lake Ocean View

Copyright © 2016 Azim Lewis Mayadas


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