Memorable Mission

Today’s New York Times Sunday Magazine crossword entitled “Something in the Water” has an across clue “memorable mission” – and without losing a beat my answer came trippingly off my ink-dripping pen as Alamo!

Photo: Azim Mayadas
Photos: Azim Mayadas

The main solutions included such watery bodies and flowing stretches as Atlantic Ocean, Colorado River, Arabian Sea, Chesapeake Bay, and New York Harbor, all of which I’d become familiar with over the years during my travels here and abroad.

That’s by way of introducing you to my newsworthy trip with Lolita to San Antonio, Texas, starting April 2 when our start-up, NotePerfect Project, participated in the vibrant Annual Conference of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) held this year in the downtown Grand Hyatt Hotel.

mtna conf. boothOur MTNA Conference Booth

Getting there was a no-brainer direct United flight from Newark,  New Jersey; getting back was anything but. However, I won’t bore you with the travel travails of our return trip to Englewood, and will concentrate on the positive of being in unwavering daytime temperature of 80 degrees and above during our 5-day stint in Texas, while our home was experiencing another of those Spring Snows – whatever happened to plain old April Showers?

After being glued to our booth in the Exhibition Hall at the hotel for the first two days of hectic activity, we took time off and experienced the joys of cruising the San Antonio River and ambling up and down the River Walk packed with tourists – and city dwellers! The latter obviously love their environs and treat the hordes of visitors amiably. Noshing seems to be an hourly pastime since cafes, bistros and restaurants abound on both banks of the River that cater to all passing whims and taste buds. My video below sets the scene for any casual stroller of the lazy attraction of ‘doing’ the promenade along the river as seen by sailing the San Antonio River Cruise Scenic Route:

Along the way, I was able to take a close-up video of the historic riverside Aztec Theater:

The culmination, I’d hoped, would be a visit to the Alamo, but while the display of artifacts inside were certainly historical and deserved to be preserved, outside the gardens left a lot to be desired and were a distinct anticlimax for anyone who wandered outside in the summer-like heat. A survivor there was a bunch of cacti in full bloom – a rarity to be sure!

mtnaconf (2)

A word about the music publishing industry. At MTNA, the big names were all there ad infinitum.  (Alongside is a glimpse of Alfred Music’s extensive display.) When was the last time that Lolita and I could browse in one of many music stores – now defunct – in New York City and pick up a sought-after piano score printed by a US, Canadian or European publisher?

                                                                                                                                                    Photo: Lolita Mayadas
Those on display at San Antonio made one salivate for days gone by when all you needed to do was to set some time aside at least once a month and embark on a fishing adventure in the Big Apple to enrich ones home piano library with the old and the new in Western Classical and Modern music scores and literature.

I’ll leave you with my shot of Lolita in shocking pink manning our desk:

IMG_0804 (2)


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