Nature Poems by Wang Wei


1 “Lotuses Awaft”


Bamboos a-rustle:
washerwomen bustling back;
Lotuses awaft,
and here comes down the fishing-smack!

[Chu hsűan kwei huan nű
Lien tung hsia yű chou.]

2 “The Hill-Bird”


the Hill-Bird cries shrilly
Off and on –
Below –
in the Spring Valley.

[Yueh ch’u ching shan niao
Shih ming ch’un chien chung.]

3  “The Bright Moon”


Among the pines
the moon shines brightly;
Upon the shingle
clear waters spring lightly.

[Ming-yueh sung-chien chao
Ch’ing-ch’űan shih-shang liu.]

Wang Wei (701 – 761), sometimes titled the Poet Buddha, was a Tang Dynasty Chinese poet, musician, painter and statesman.

He is best known for his quatrains depicting quiet scenes of water and mist, with few details and little human presence.

The Chinese calligraphy is by yours truly.

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