Fall Is Here!

The Pond in the Fall
Jamaica Plains, MA
Photo by Blogger


Whether it be North India, North America or Western Europe, the autumnal season is my favorite time of the year - in the Northern Hemisphere, that is! [I'll not be writing in this post about other wonderful fall locales that lie in the Southern Hemisphere such as Australia (New South Wales or South Australia), New Zealand and South America (Brazil or Argentina.]

Let me narrow it down further: The 7,000-feet ‘foothills’ of the mighty Himalayas near Dehra Dun; the storied suburbs adjacent to the center of Boston in New England; or the lochs near Edinburgh in Scotland; or, yet, the magnificent fjords of Norway – each has a special place in my memory for witnessing the colorful changes wrought by Nature in all its glory, as summer gives way to fall at this time of the year.

Narrower still has been the exciting fall trip – one of many over the years that Lolita and I make to the Boston area of Massachusetts where we can visit close family members in Jamaica Plains. Renowned for its modestly named ‘The Pond,’ I took time out one day for a walk around that expansive blue water. On a particular sunny afternoon, I was inspired to write a short piece for voice and piano entitled “Fall is Here,” the frontispiece of which is depicted at the top of this post. The music itself can be heard right here:

The lyrics by me that you may follow as you listen are:

Fall is here,
Summer’s past:
No word yet
Of you, dear,
Since the time
We last met.
Nature’s turning to autumn hues,
Soon all her trees will be bare:
Oh! Darling, lest you lose
Your golden years for e’er.
Come and stay!
No more right,
No more wrong:
Till the day
Turns to night,
Wingéd song!

Afterword: The musical score is now available at “Fall is Here.”

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