NAMM for Newbies

LOLITA AND I CERTAINLY TOOK A LEAP OF FAITH when we signed up to attend the annual conference in Anaheim, CA, earlier this month of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM): the mammoth get-together is a much admired and lauded event around the music world – here  in the USA and abroad.

Lolita and Azim Mayadas
at NAMM Conference 2017

No kidding, but we were literally floored by the reams and streams of people – well over 100, 000 at last count! – from every portion of the globe who took time, energy and lasting leg power to be there with promoting their pristine ideas and one-of-a-kind products that were destined, hopefully, to change the music world as we know it, nothing more nor less!

We shacked up in a neighboring comparatively cheap but friendly motel in Anaheim, California, along with scads of serious Far-Easterners half our age – mainly Chinese, Koreans and Taiwanese – who were all there to market their latest music books, gizmos, software and digital hardware.

A bonus for us, at the close of the conference last Sunday, was to spend the eve of our departure visiting family members who reside in nearby Laguna Beach, which offers wonderful views of rugged canyons on the one hand and the Pacific Ocean on the other. Not surprisingly, we spent this week at home in Englewood recovering from our hectic transcontinental activities in the service of very young musicians-in-the-making..

The Two Sides of Laguna Beach:
Canyons and the Pacific Ocean

References: My January 2017 Diary and Photo Album


On arrival at Anaheim, I took a photo of the NAMM Show. Alongside is the NAMM University Idea Center  that was the most appropriate for those attendees interested in growing their businesses online.

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