Squirreling or Squandering – You Decide!

[Last weekend our area got clobbered by a snowstorm that caused many of us in Englewood, NJ, to hunker down at home rather than risk the not so benign elements outside.
For a lark I donned the persona of a lonely bush-tailed creature navigating tentatively the treacherous terrain below my vantage point at the first-floor dining room window.
I put it to you – was I
squirreling away or squandering my time?]


Saturday noon catches me snowbound.
Up a welcoming tree trunk
I scurry from the icy ground –
All that white stuff leave I behind.

To be frank, I’ve had enough!

I scuttle around and around and finally find

m’self a cozy nook high up

in a crook of the gnarléd bark:

It beckons me

away from the cold biting wind

to seek in its embrace a quiet haven.

I snuggle anon in Nature’s well-crafted bower,
And ere long a blessed clearing in the sky
Allows the sun’s warming rays to wash o’er me:
Ere long I’m basking in Seventh Heaven.


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