San Diego? Sin Duda!

[It was The New York Times informative and picturesque article on San Diego (February 16, 2017) that evoked in my memory a not-so-distant occasion in my past that changed my life – and that of my immediate family – forever: From a two-decade lucrative ‘mercantile’ career in India to a three-decade mainly non-profit ‘musical’ one in America before my ‘official’ retirement in 2013.]

Calcutta Skyline

In my capacity as Honorary Concert Manager of the Calcutta School of Music, founded in 1936, I received an invitation in early 1975 to attend the annual November conference of ASOL, the American Symphony Orchestra League, in San Diego. I had close relatives in New York, but none in California. Nonetheless, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of traveling for the very first time to that Western United States city, albeit on my own. After an over long but uneventful flight from Calcutta, I was excited on my arrival to check in at the Sheraton ocean-side hotel, most rooms of which had more or less been taken over by the League for accommodating its large contingent of conference attendees from around the country and beyond.

San Diego Skyline

It didn’t take long for me to make contact with various members of the organizing committee. One, in particular, was a Board Member of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, NY, and it was just on the second day of hectic activities that I so happened to be relaxing at the bar before the welcoming luncheon began when that gentleman parked himself on a stool alongside me – and we began to chat about this and that. During the give and take, and over a second drink, he mentioned that the RPO was on the look out for an assistant manager and would I be interested in that particular job. If so, he would arrange for me to meet the full Board back in Rochester later in the month, if I could make the trip.

I was due to visit New York en route to Calcutta on my return journey, so I phoned my cousin on the East Coast and asked him to book a round-trip flight to Rochester from NYC, even though it meant cutting my stay with him and his family by two or three days. On arrival in the Big Apple, i learned that RPO’s Board were looking forward to interviewing me as soon as I arrived in Rochester.

To cut a long story short, I found myself in the RPO’s board room facing not only the Chairman but two of the biggest names in the corporate world of Rochester – the heads of Kodak and Xerox respectively who were responsible each year for donating generous amounts annually to the Orchestra. After the interview, which I thought had gone reasonably well, I flew back to New York for an overnight stop before heading back home to Calcutta.

Barely two weeks later, I received an appointment letter from RPO in which apart from setting out general terms of service I was asked to report to its office at least two weeks before the beginning of its winter concert season in October. Suffice it to say, that letter with the support of the local US Consul’s Office, enabled me to receive the necessary papers and travel documents for myself and my family.  And the rest is history………………

Six years after the events described above, and at another annual ASOL conference, this time in Chicago, I received two offers of managing orchestras: one was from Miami, the other from San Diego(!) However, as things worked out, it wasn’t a case of San Diego, sin duda? but Miami, without doubt!

Miami Skyline

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