Twins Torn in Twain

Just over two years ago, the octogenarian twins Azim and Tehrim were torn in twain, when the latter sibling passed away in her Lucknow home in India, 9000 miles away and left for the Elysian fields: she was an abiding presence in the family, full of joy and good humor, and a comforting cheery voice on the phone, whenever I felt the urge to call her about the latest news of family members in Indian and around the globe.

The 9th of May was always a special day in the far-flung clan and was celebrated in South Asia, England, America, Canada and Australia. Almost every two years, my wife and I were able to make the trip to our country of origin from our home in the USA for joyful reunions and special family events. On the last such occasion three years ago it became abundantly clear that my sister might not be around for our next visit, and so it was that Nature took its inexorable course.

Nowadays, my birthday is a cause for mixed feelings, feelings of joy and sadness intertwined uneasily. How does one, I ask, come to terms with the sundering of the lifelong bonds forged between twin siblings over eight decades? It’s easy enough for even ones closest friends and family members to suggest that one moves on and remembers the good times only. That’s oh! so easy to say, so difficult to do in practice!

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