My Recovery Memorabilia

IT’S NOT OFTEN THAT DURING A LONG FRUITFUL LIFE one comes to treasure the blessings bestowed upon one at a time of adversity or undergoing extreme pain as a result of a medical operation. It may be the support of one’s family members or close friends, who’ve risen to the occasion and come to ones rescue unbidden with unconditional love and encouragement.

And so it is that I felt I needed, during the progressive stages of recovering from a life-changing surgical procedure, to record pictorial snippets of the step-by-step progress I am making – slowly but surely – toward independent living back in New Jersey.

Alongside, on May Day, I’m seen with my recovering right leg,  resting on a low up-tilted bucket for support, soaking in the spring seasonal sun on the west bank of the Hudson River. What a joy to flee for a short while a home-bound existence of some six weeks and face the world outside.

Much earlier, during my hospitalization, I was able to work seriously on fulfilling my purposeful intent to celebrate Easter Sunday on April 21 by attending Holy Communion in the venerable St. Paul’s Episcopal Church ( Brookline, Mass.) reminiscent of my own Church back in Englewood, New Jersey.

That morning It took ages and a truly heroic effort on my part to make myself presentable: I gladly shed my shapeless hospital gown and painstakingly scrubbed myself as best as I could in the washroom, followed by a slow donning of outer garments selected the night before and laid out alongside for my use in the morning. The end result (seen alongside) wasn’t ideal but sufficed for my very first public appearance in weeks.

It took a while to get thus far in the recovery process after spending a fruitful 5-week post-op rehab in Massachusetts led by a team of expert physical and occupational therapists. Below you can access a video of my completing the last seven steps of a 21-step staircase from the first floor to the third floor of the rehab building – phew!

21 Steps toward Recovery

References: My Photo Album and Video Collection

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